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Slinger / Signaller

Course description

This course has been developed and designed for candidates who have had no training in the systems and procedures involved in slinging loads or signalling.

Aim and objectives of the course

To give candidates a general understanding of the methods and procedure involved in the slinging of loads and signalling of vehicles and plant.

By the end of the course candidates will have and understanding of their duties and responsibilities when involved in slinging and signalling operations on-site.

Course content

  • Slinging and signalling – the regulations
  • Identification and types of appropriate lifting tackle
  • Inspection of lifting tackle
  • Angles of slings & how to calculate a safe working load
  • Safe methods of slinging
  • Standard code of signals.
  • Practical exercise.

Course venue

This course can be run on the clients’ premises, sites, or at an arranged venue

  • Information

    Duration: 1 Day

    Cost: £125

    Size: 1 – 6

    Notes: CITB grants will be available to member companies.

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