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History of C-MIST

Old ship

C-MIST’s origins go back to 1855.

The Centre for Maritime & Industrial Safety Technology Limited (C-MIST) is a long established organisation with a background that stretches back to 1855 as a Government institution.

In promoting health and safety, the former Leith Nautical College (LNC) had to develop appropriate solutions for the hazards faced by seafarers operating across the oceans and far from third party help.

In the following century, a Hazardous Cargo Handling Unit was set up to support the shipping industry as it became more complex and carried increasingly dangerous and volatile cargoes.

After the closure of LNC in 1987, C-MIST was developed into 7 specialist divisions providing a range of specialised services to industrial, commercial and public sector clients worldwide.

The availability of in-house expertise and knowledge of the latest technology operations, codes of practice, and regulations, combined with our specialist experience, allow our clients to benefit from cost effective and practical solutions tailored to their needs.

CDM & Construction Services Division Environmental Division Fire Safety Division Hazardous Cargo Handling Division Maritime & Off-Shore Division Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene Division Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Division