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Liner - Maritime & Off-Shore Division

The marine environment continues to grow in its importance as a source of wealth and as the main artery of world-wide trade. C-MIST's Maritime & Offshore Safety Division deals with all matters relating to safety in this most crucial of environments.

The Division provides specialist advice and training to operators, designers and others such as regulatory bodies, national institutes, emergency services, port authorities, salvors, legal advisers and insurers.

The Division has at its disposal a wealth of knowledge. Staff are all highly qualified with extensive experience of challenging environments and dealing with emergency situations. A measure of their value is the number of legal cases won through their expert testimony and their successful control of emergency incidents.

Advisory and research

  • Audits, surveys, research, design and scientific studies
  • Product, process and plant safety inspections and assessments
  • National and international standards and regulations
  • Safe operating procedures and manuals for:
    • ships and specialist carriers
    • offshore installations
    • barges and support vessels
    • onshore marine terminals and jetties.
  • Cargo compatibility and conditioning for chemical carriers, gas transporters, and oil tankers
  • Pollution prevention and abatement
  • Accident prevention and response plans and procedures.

Expert investigation

On board Liner - Maritime & Off-Shore Division

This Division can undertake expert investigations world-wide of operations, failures, inefficiencies and hazardous incidents to provide:

  • Comprehensive reports with plans and photographs covering causes and outcomes Information and evidence on behalf of owners, lawyers, insurers, etc.,
  • Performance assessment of crews, salvors, shore-based operators, on-board equipment, etc.
  • Assessments of conformity with requirements of national and international regulations, e.g. SOLAS, (IM0), COGSA
  • Assistance with the preparation of depositions.

Emergency response

24-hour emergency support service covering the attendance of a specialist in person or via fax, telephone or radio to:

  • Command or assist emergency response operations
  • Assess efficiency of operational crews and the emergency services
  • Record and report on all aspects of the incident.


Courses are available at high level for senior officers and managers or at levels more appropriate to operators and crew. The courses can be presented world-wide, either on board or on land at the client's premises. Alternatively, they can be held at C-MIST's headquarters near Edinburgh, Scotland or elsewhere.

The Division has been commissioned by the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) to develop training and competence assurance guidelines for Jetty Operators and Supervisors at marine terminals transferring oil and petroleum products world-wide. The selection of C-MIST for this prestigious project is recognition of the unique effectiveness of the Maritime & Offshore Division's services.

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