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The world is in our collective care yet, until recently, Man has heedlessly used whatever resources he has wanted without any reference to sustainability. Many of the processes he has used have irrevocably damaged the environment and poisoned land, air and water for years to come.

Now there is growing awareness that everything we do effects the environment. Health, prosperity, poverty and the environment are all linked.

To address environmental issues new international, regional and national legislation is being implemented. Regulations now force organisations to review their activities and the associated effects with a particular emphasis on the prevention of pollution. Customers too are placing increasing importance on the perceived environmental performance of manufacturers and service providers.

The effect of all these pressures is a real need for environmental effects to be identified and minimised from design, through delivery and use to disposal. It follows that, early in the product design stage, informed decisions should be made on:

  • materials and production processes
  • product utilisation and eventual disposal.

When products, services or processes change the environmental risks must be reassessed. These risk assessment must:

  • be accurate
  • cover all life cycle aspects (design, manufacture, delivery use & disposal).

Where effects are unacceptable action must be taken to eliminate or reduce them.

Where unacceptable environmental effects cannot be eliminated, control must be exercised and routine monitoring organised.

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Addressing the issues

Oil Refinery - Environmental Division

C-MIST Environmental provides a comprehensive range of services to help its clients ensure that environmental issues are addressed and the full benefit of environmental improvement realised. Our team of technical and management specialists have detailed knowledge of current environmental regulations, codes of practice and management techniques.

The Division provides a complete service from initial assessment to the implementation of solutions and regular monitoring. Our solutions to environmental problems are designed to meet legislative and regulatory requirements within our clients’ commercial and financial constraints.

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Corporate strategies

A complete service providing a strategic approach to environmental performance improvement through the development and implementation of key environmental policies and systems, including:

  • Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • Corporate Environmental Policy
  • Waste Management Policy
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Life Cycle Analysis.

Management Systems

Development and implementation of effective manage-ment systems including:

  • BS EN ISO 14001 Management Systems
  • Environmental Awareness.

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Chimney Inspection - Environmental Division

Impact & risk assessments

Thorough and effective Environmental Assessments compliant with current legislative requirements. Training in “best practice” risk assessment and management techniques including:

  • Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Control of Pollution in the Oil Industry.

Emissions Monitoring

Monitoring of emissions to water, air or soil and assessment of compliance. Training in effective monitoring and assessment methods.

Legislative compliance

Assessment, guidance and training on current and future legislative compliance.


A comprehensive array of audit methods providing objective evidence of compliance and evaluations of current performance. Training courses covering all audit methods.

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Contaminated sites

Waste Management - Environmental Division

Assessment and evaluation of risks and identification of contaminants and recommendations for remediation, disposal or management of contaminated sites. Training for managers and engineers.

Waste management

Categorisation and measurement of all waste streams. Systematic evaluation, development and implementation of Waste Management Strategy. Training courses leading to improved environmental performance, on:

  • Waste Strategies
  • Packaging Waste.


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