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Fire Safety

Tackling a blaze - Fire Safety Division

Fire is Man's most fickle friend. Controlled combustion sustains Life; uncontrolled fire takes lives and destroys livelihoods, some of which are more at risk than others.

With the increasing reliance on technology, many organisations could fail if even a small fire took hold. The accurate identification of Fire Hazards combined with effective Fire Prevention and Protection measures backed by properly trained staff are therefore essential elements of any business continuity strategy.

C-MIST's Fire Safety Division provides comprehensive and integrated services to a wide range of industries.

Design & specification

Our highly qualified Fire Safety Engineers with hands-on specialist expertise, offer design, specification, selection, installation, commissioning and testing services for heat / smoke / fire / gas detection equipment and systems for:

  • Active Fire Protection
  • Passive Fire Protection
  • Fire Prevention.

Research & advisory services

Fire Safety Division
  • Fire Philosophies
  • Fire Hazard Identification
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Research and scientific studies
  • Fire Protection Equipment and materials selection and testing
  • Fire safety inspections and audits of most types of premises
  • Company fire safety policy, plans and training schemes
  • Advice on national and international statutory requirements and legislation
  • Preparation of emergency plans and fire safety manuals
  • Preparation of equipment schedules.

Expert investigation

Investigation and expert witness services in connection with fires and explosions on ships, offshore installations, process plants, and in all industrial and commercial premises. All reports are based on thorough investigation and rigorous scientific analysis by highly qualified specialists.

Attendance at ship & installation fires

Emergency support service on site or by fax, telephone or e-mail to:

  • Command or assist fire-fighting operations
  • Assess the efficiency of fire-fighting
  • Record and report on all aspects.

Fire protection systems maintenance & monitoring

Fire Safety Division
  • Development and implementation of cost-effective maintenance services with state-of-the-art computerised maintenance management system (CMMS)
  • Design and implementation of system/equipment refurbishment and upgrade programmes
  • Establishment or reliability and performance monitoring systems.


Courses in Fire Safety Engineering, Firefighting and related skills are provided to meet the specific training needs of staff in a wide range of industries.

We train petrochemical production workers, specialist Fire Safety Teams, construction site workers, hospital staff and marine terminal operators. Using our database of over 8,000 analysed accidents we can create realistic Fire Scenarios to reinforce training and test emergency response systems.

Most of the Fire Safety Division's training courses can be customised for individual clients and can be presented anywhere in the world.

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