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Process Plant Interior - Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Division

Process optimisation and safety are essential elements in the sustained profitability of any plant. Both need constant attention from thoroughly trained and competent personnel to ensure that risks are minimised.

C-MIST Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Division provides advisory and training services for the Oil, Chemical, Petrochemical and Process Engineering industries. The Division has earned a world-wide reputation for the breadth and depth of its expertise, the thoroughness of its audits, the quality of its solutions to industrial problems and the cost-effectiveness of its training programmes.

Problem solving

The Division is continually in demand throughout the World to solve production problems, improve product quality and optimisation, investigate industrial accidents, develop effective training schemes, devise safe and efficient operating procedures and to take charge during hazardous incidents.

The Division has devised uniquely practical and efficient systems for plant safety auditing and the analysis of operator training needs. All requirements for remedial action are precisely and accurately identified so that solutions can be rapidly implemented to meet business needs.

Advisory services

Process Plant Exterior - Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Division

The services of C-MIST Consultants are provided in each of the training categories already listed and in other areas of crucial importance to the cost-effective management and operation of process plant throughout its life cycle. These support services include:

  • Safety Audits -Programmes involving selective, periodic or no-notice audits to provide management with accurate information on safety performance and legislative compliance.
  • Technical Audits - For most types of process plant at the commissioning, mature operation, modification, and post accident stages.
  • Management Audits - Covering Safety programmes, Permit to Work systems, modification systems, hazard identification procedures, operating procedures, emergency procedures, and crisis management.
  • Total Loss Prevention Audits - As an alternative to a series of specific audits, C-MIST's TLP Audit gives comprehensive and exceptionally cost-effective coverage of all factors which could lead to accident and/or loss.
  • Hazard Identification - Advanced techniques are applied to identify the hazards in all land and sea based industries.
  • Risk Assessment - Qualitative and quantitative evaluation techniques can be applied to virtually every type of process, plant, operation or activity.
  • Critical Operation - Strategies and procedures for identifying and analysing safety and cost critical elements of operations.
  • COMAH Regulations - Advice and assistance in ensuring full and continuing compliance with the Control of Major Hazards regulations in the UK and similar legislation world-wide.
  • Multi-Disciplinary Teamwork - Appropriately experienced professionals lead teams of specialists drawn from C-MIST's other Divisions to all aspects of complex projects.

Fire safety equipment

  • Specification of Fire & Gas Detection, Fire Prevention, Fire Protection and Firefighting systems and equipment to meet national and international standards and codes of practice
  • Development and implementation of cost-effective maintenance regimes including customising and programming computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS)
  • Design and implementation of system / equipment refurbishment and upgrade programmes.


Courses are offered at world-wide at various levels of complexity. Courses are presented World-wide.

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