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Fire Safety in Construction Work for CDM - Coordinators

Course description

The course has been developed to provide CDM - Coordinators with the necessary knowledge and skills to satisfy their fire safety responsibilities within construction projects.

Aim and objectives of the course

The aim of the training is to provide CDM - Coordinators with an understanding of fire safety and their roles and responsibilities within a construction project.

By the end of the course CDM – Coordinators will have an understanding of extant fire safety legislation, as well as knowledge and understanding of their roles and responsibilities. The course will also reinforce how the actions of the Planning Supervisor can influence the fire safety of a construction project.

Course content

  • Extant fire safety legislation
  • How to avoid the occurrence of fire
  • Reducing ignition sources
  • General fire precautions
  • Emergency procedures
  • The use of temporary accommodation
  • The use of sleeping accommodation
  • Develop company fire safety policies & procedures

Course venue

This course can be run on the clients’ premises, sites, or at a pre-arranged venue.

  • Information

    Duration: ½ Day

    Size: 1 –15

    Notes: CITB grants will be available to member companies.

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