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Site Auditing and Inspection

C-MIST inspectors are experienced construction professionals who are also Health & Safety specialists. Their role is to ensure those carrying out construction works are legally compliant, and meeting or exceeding their company’s standards.

As important, we actively assist management teams and those on site to solve issues rather than raising them. We also provide onsite CDM co-ordination support.

  • H&S Inspections and Audits including site, regional and board reporting
  • Contractor CDM co-ordination support
  • Pre start and Construction phase planning
  • Risk assessment and design of safe methods of working
  • Welfare facility assessment and design
  • Traffic management plans
  • Local stakeholder liaison

Site Safety and Security

C-MIST have a dedicated team of qualified site inspectors who provide inspection and assessment services for Clients who have, for whatever reason, become responsible for green field sites, building sites and buildings to ensure statutory compliance with current Health & Safety legislation.

Our aim is to mitigate and manage any Health & Safety risk, criminal or civil liability with respect to property, sites or land.

  • Initial inspection and security risk assessment
  • Services safety and terminations
  • Boundary and building protection fencing, boarding, guarding, lighting
  • Notification and negotiation with relevant authorities
  • Liaison and negotiation with insurers

Accident Investigation

It is an unfortunate fact that construction workers are six times more likely to have an accident at work than the average UK worker. The HSE have set ambitious targets for reducing accidents over the next few years.

  • C-MIST assists clients with their legal duties in the unfortunate circumstance of an accident.
  • Examination of the circumstance and the scene
  • Investigation of H&S management systems and risk assessment
  • Supporting site and head office management
  • Support with HSE and or criminal investigations
  • Providing Expert Witness

Clerk of Works

C-MIST Clerks of Works are either based on site full time or make regular visits depending on the Clients’ requirements. They provide a complete inspection and assessment service ensuring delivery standards are met or exceeded.

  • Design assessment, risk assessment and value engineering
  • Inspections to ensure the assurance of quality or rectification of defective works timeously and cost effectively.
  • Measurement and Sampling to ensure compliance with specifications and quality standards
  • Reporting on compliance with development and funding agreements
  • Providing information and assisting in defence of contractual claims

Policies and Procedures

C-MIST provide large multinational companies, Local Authorities and Small to Medium size businesses (SMEs) with:

  • Policy and management documents and systems for compliance with the Health & Safety at Work Act
  • Risk assessment for the ‘Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations’
  • SME ‘One Stop Shop’ H&S Policies and procedures CDM arrangements Audits of existing documentation and procedures
  • Workplace inspections
  • Management Training


C-MIST has an international reputation built on the quality of its Health & Safety training programmes accredited by the HSE, City & Guilds, ICS and SQA.

Courses include:

  • Introduction to the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations
  • CDM for CDM Co-ordinators, Designers and Contractors (Institution of Construction Safety approved)
  • Construction Site Safety
  • Toolbox talks
  • First Aid at Work (HSE Approved)
  • Fire Safety on Construction sites
  • Occupational Health & Hygiene

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