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Policy, Procedures and Audits

“I’m sorry this letter is so long but I didn’t have enough time.” So said George Bernard Shaw, putting his finger on one of the major problems of health and safety documentation today.

The law requires employers to have, usually in writing, a health and safety policy, arrangements and risk assessments. Uninformed and impractical implementations of this has all too often led to mountains of meaningless paper.

C-MIST Construction has wide experience of developing practicable and effective policy and procedures for a variety of companies ranging from chemical companies through house builders to architectural practices.

Key to the success of C-MIST’s approach is the focussed content (omitting material that is of no direct use to the personnel), the structure approach (easy to comply with) and the presentation (attractive and accessible). Employees need to be told what needs done and see the benefit of doing so for themselves – not an impenetrable mass of legislative requirements and background material.

Typically, C-MIST would start with an audit of what material the company has and the way in which it operates. This is to avoid the pitfalls of the “one-size-fits-all” strategy and the “not-invented-here” response. The process would proceed in consultation with the company and conclude, where appropriate, with an introductory training session or sessions.