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The Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations (CAWR) imposes a statutory duty to ensure suitable arrangements are put in place by those responsible for workplace buildings (Landlords, Agents, Occupiers and Tenants) to manage the condition of all Asbestos containing materials.

C-MIST can support all employers in achieving compliance and provide:

  • Surveys and Asbestos Registers
  • Operations and Management Plans
  • Encapsulation and Removal
  • Sampling and Air Testing


As energy costs soar companies need to minimize their energy costs. 90% of all energy used in buildings is from existing stock more that 10 years old.

C-MIST provide a complete assessment, cost benefit analysis, implementation and management plan for buildings and portfolios:

  • Energy Assessments and Surveys
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Calculation of Total Footprint Emissions
  • Infrared Heat Loss Surveys
  • Conservation Management Plans

Access (Equality Act, DDA)

C-MIST undertake balanced assessments and provide solutions taking into account the Clients needs and the regulatory compliance based on ‘Reasonable Adjustment’.

  • Comprehensive audits and inspections of designs and premises
  • Advice and assistance to Clients and Design Teams
  • Design and implementation of access procedures
  • Audit and inspection of maintenance/cleaning procedures and access

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Fire Safety

C-MIST provide a wide range of fire safety and fire management services to assist clients with risk assessment, management and operational plans to ensure legislative compliance.

  • Building and premises audits
  • Fire safety management planning
  • Provision of fire fighting equipment
  • Annual audits and reports


C-MIST provide a wide range of services to clients worldwide to assist them in identifying and managing environmental risks.

  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Hazard identification and risk assessments
  • Environmental and waste management plans
  • Monitoring and sampling

Site Investigation, Testing & Sampling

C-MIST undertake site investigations and evaluations to assess contaminants and provide clients with economic practical solutions for remediation and/or management.

  • Phase 1 Desktop Studies and Evaluation
  • Phase 2+3 Intrusive Investigations
  • Remediation proposals and compliance
  • Gas monitoring
  • Air quality and dust sampling
  • Soils - Metals; BTEX; TPH and PAHs
  • Development of pollutant thresholds for soils and water bodies and advising upon the potential resulting risks to both

Contamination & Pollution Control

C-MIST assist clients worldwide to identify, implement and manage risk in the Industrial, Petrochemical and Construction industries.

  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Process, production and materials impacts
  • Environmental and waste management plans
  • Monitoring and sampling
  • Risk Assessments

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